Sunday, April 6, 2014

Biggest wrestling event of the year invades the Mercedes Benz Superdome. It's WrestleMania XXX, I'm not going to hype this up, as it needs none. With only 7 official matches scheduled so far on the main card, you can either expect a lot of cameos and backstage segments or some long matches. The big three matches of the card should all have enough time to shine as they best as they can.

Encountering a bit of skipping on 360, my match lengths may not be quite exact. I'll try out the PS3 after the first match ends.

Friday, April 4, 2014

 Back at the McAlister Auditorium at Tulane University, DGUSA will cap off Day 2 of WWNLive Experience. EVOLVE 28 was a stacked card, and it delivered. On paper tonight's DGUSA doesn't seem to compare, but the big time matches are here and BOOM BOOM! Colt Cabana will be featured on commentary! The only Japanese talent is not an official member of the Dragon Gate roster but does wrestle for them from time to time, it's Masato Tanaka taking on Chris Hero plugged as International Dream Match, it's non-title.

Low-Ki returns to battle Trent Baretta. Low Ki needs no hype, and Trent Baretta has been so good lately he almost needs none. But, this match could possibly steal the show away and between Hero/Tanaka and the next match plugged below, that's saying a lot.

Open The Main Champion Gate Collision! Ricochet recruited/pitched himself to be on Johnny Gargano's team for the Six-Man Traditional match at last years Mercury Rising. Ricochet scored the pinfall and earned himself a shot at any championship in Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE. After that match Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano declared that his belt and then Open The Dream Gate Champion CIMA's we're on the same level, the rest is history. If you're a big fan you've been waiting on this matchup. One champion is the same guy, while the other has crossed hands a few times since last April.

Ricochet would ask for his shot at Gargano at the 4th Anniversary Show, only to be shot down, saying they had to have a contract signed in advance. "This is not Money in the Bank" Finally, the match is on. Newly crowned Open The Dream Gate Champion Ricochet gets his Title Match for Johnny Gargano's Open The Freedom Gate Championship.

Will we have a dual champion or will the count go to 874 days? iPPV

Back at the McAlister Auditorium, WWNLive presents A Wrestling Odyssey featuring several Independent Wrestling Title Matches. SHINE and the SHINE Tag Titles on the line, CZW World Heavyweight Title, the FIP World Heavyweight Championship, as well as the EVOLVE Championship! I missed the first three and caught some of the fourth by the time I got home.

In going back over the VOD, just going to focus on Trent vs Lince and forwards, because even once I was home I was trying to do all sorts of things and missed quite a bit. I'm not too interested in the first two.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

From the McAlister Auditorium at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana it's EVOLVE 28. The card features some big names on the independent scene. The stars of Friday's Main Event selected each other's opponents for tonight. The new Open The Dream Gate Champion, Ricochet is tasked with Anthony Nese. Meanwhile Ricochet's opponent Friday, your Open The Freedom Gate Champion for the past 872 days, Johnny Gargano gets to face his old buddy Rich Swann. Last, but certainly not least, the EVOLVE Title is on the line as the new champion Chris Hero makes his first defense against Trent Baretta!

Hi, sorry for my absence.I've been a very busy person. However, I am back for the weekend at least. It's the biggest wrestling week of the year after all. I'll mostly be covering WWNLive shows such as Evolve and the DGUSA shows, considering ROH and lack of iPPV until the New Japan link up in May. I'll probably cover Invasion Attack before the big show itself on Sunday.

I've be covering tonight's EVOLVE 28. Tomorrow I'll cover what I catch of WWNLive's A Wrestling Odyssey, as I won't be out of school until 30 minutes after it's inception. So i'll miss the first hour live, but will be able to catch all Open The Ultimate Gate. Dream Gate Champ vs Freedom Gate champ with the Open the Freedom Gate Title on the line as Ricochet finally gets his shot at Johnny Gargano.

Saturday I hit another snag as I unfortunately have to work until 8 PM, when Mercury Rising begins. There will be no starting this one late for me, so I'll take this time to catch the beginning of A Wrestling Odyssey and watch the last ROH show from March, speaking of, the Raising The Bars shows were great. I may be a little biased considering The Young Bucks. So if Mercury Rising is up when I wake up Sunday, I'll watch then. If not New Japan gets the crack for last show I view before WrestleMania XXX. Unless I can fit both of them in, which would be unlikely.

Anyways, tonight I'll be talking EVOLVE 28. I'll post results here and be talking on Twitter. Follow along with me on @ItsTechTroN and @SuperkickParty

Monday, August 26, 2013 iPPV 
Finally got some time to finish typing this and post it! Sorry for the delays.

Let it be known, that I watched about the first half of this show in different parts live and/or through the rough edit VOD.  Everyone missed the first match live actually.I did not rewatch the first three matches, so those have limited notes due to shortness of matches and one decision they made drove me crazy.

Anyways from the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan, New York we have Dragon Gate USA Enter The Dragon: Fourth Anniversary Celebration

Match #1: Drew Gulak VS Jon Davis
Davis powers Drew around the ring. Clubs him corner to corner. Runs into a couple of boots. Drew up top, double ax handle. Davis with hard scoop slams. Drew chopping at Davis, but no avail. Davis floors Drew with a chop of his own. Davis throws Drew to the floor, chops on the outside. Pulls him up on the apron.

Botch? on the springboard falcon arrow, cause Drew to bite Davis. Drew comes off the top with a diving lariat. Drew gets a two count, then Davis powers Drew into a corner. Drew running the ropes and dodging Davis. Drew with a cross body into Davis' arms. Davis hoists him up for a buckle bomb. Drew kicks out at one!

Davis with another buckle bomb. Covers, two! Drew gets a series of strikes, in then goes up top. Cross body, 'covers', gets two before Davis finally rolls through. Powerbomb, German suplex, and a lariat later Davis has the win.

Your winner: Jon Davis via pinfall, following a lariat, after 6:30. Short and sloppy, unfortunately it's not one a.m. and i'm not at a bar trying to pick up chicks, so that's not what I want to see. 1.25 out of 5 Superkicks.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

DGUSA was back in New York City towards the end of July. Re-edited VODs are up and I'm just getting to them. iPPV
From Queens, New York it's Bushido: Code of the Warrior.

I could have gone without the Rich Swann opening with "All Night Long", but they fixed that as well. Once he finishes, Swann says he has been waiting for this day for a while. He's been in Japan tearing it up, but the only thing that has been on his mind is Johnny Gargano. Rich says he cheated and showed he has no heart. He doesn't want a five star wrestling classic, he wants to fight and he wants to do it now! This brings out referee Brandon Toley, per Gargano. Toley says Gargano is not properly stretched or warmed up and under no circumstances will the match take place at this moment. Swann tells Toley to tell Gargano that he's known him for a long time, but never knew he was such a pussy.
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